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Rules & Regulations

The purpose of the cheerleading squads at Edmond North High School are to promote school spirit, support various organized activities, represent the school, and provide positive leadership in all aspects of school life.  These squads will promote and encourage student body involvement and will exemplify loyalty, cooperation, and positive attitudes.   This can be a truly rewarding experience for each of you, but it also requires a tremendous time commitment.  Cheerleading truly is a year round sport!!!  A squad member must be willing to practice on his/her own time to perfect skills.  Additionally, a squad member must be able to work well with others; as cheer is a team sport!  Please be aware of this as you prepare to take on the challenges and responsibilities of becoming a member of one of the Edmond North High School Cheerleading Squads.

2021-2022 Edmond North Cheer Handbook


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Grading Policy

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