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Below is a list of resources to help you stay connected with Edmond North Cheer!!!

Subscribe To Our Cheer Calendar On Your Phone!!!

Directions to setting up the Edmond North Cheer Calendar on your phone!!!

Want to have an up to date calendar on your phone at all times!?!  Ask one of the sponsors to text you the links, then follow these easy steps and you will always be up to date!



Here are the following calendars that you can subscribe to...You will get these links from the text or email that you received, then just click to get started

  1. Have the sponsor text or email you the links for the calendars!

  2. Subscribe to the calendars of your choice (ex.  If you are on varsity cheer and state cheer then you will want to subscribe to 3 calendars...the north cheer calendar, the varsity cheer calendar, and the state cheer calendar)  Make sure to subscribe to ALL calendars that pertain to you!!!

  3. When you are ready to subscribe you must do this from your phone!  Click the link that you want to sync with (sometimes you have to hold down on it).  

  4. An option should pop up that says open. Push open.

  5. A new box will pop up and you want to hit Subscribe.

  6. After this you should be able to go to your calendar on your phone and see all of the cheer events that you subscribed to.

  7. Make sure to repeat steps 4-7 for ALL squads that pertain to you!!!

  8. At anytime if you'd like to unsubscribe you can easily do that from your list of calendars on your phone..

    • North Cheer (Everyone needs to do this one!!!)...this is where we will post School Events, Parent Meetings, Fundraisers, Birthdays, etc.

    • Varsity Cheer

    • Freshman Cheer

    • State Cheer


Remind is a text reminder application that will allow the coaches to periodically send out cheer and school reminders via text message. This is a one-way communication text system, so only the coach will be able to send out important reminders. To participate in receiving text message reminders, simply follow the instructions below. Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts, and your phone number will remain private. You may choose to opt-out at any time by messaging ‘stop’ to the messages.​

  • Varsity: Text @vrscheer21 to 81010.

  • Freshman: Text @frcheer21 to 81010.

  • State:


GroupMe is a text application that will allow anyone with a phone to send messages to a group. We will use this for most communication throughout the year.  This is an app that will allow everyone in the group to text each other, not just the coach. This will only be used to communicate important information to the athletes regarding cheer issues only, not a place to complain, ask personal questions, or promote events not related to cheer. These groups will be set up after tryouts by a coach or parent.​

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